What Was Your Very First Mopar? in Rockaway, NJ

What Was Your Very First Mopar?

Mopar Mike's Blog | What Was Your Very First Mopar?

Dodge has been an American automotive icon for over 100 years. The Dodge Brothers Motor Company was established in 1913 and by 1914, brothers John and Horace had designed and debuted the first car of their own—the four-cylinder Dodge Model 30/35 touring car.  The rest was history!  Growing into it's own kingdom of American muscle, eventually bringing in other brands such as Chysler, DeSoto, Plymouth, Jeep, Ram, the Dodge brothers started a company that has truly become the face for American muscle cars and performance.  Bringing in the "Mopar" brand through Chrysler in the 1920s for their antifreeze product, the name took off and became the iconic name utilized on all OEM parts moving forward.  Enthusiests began calling their cars Mopars as loyalty to the "Mopar" brands Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, and Chrysler grew.

Mopar brands have since changed, as well as the overall corporate structure.  Chrysler has since partnered with Fiat to create Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but the current lineup of vehicles for Mopar continues to push the limits of today's technology with muscle cars built for the road as well as for the track!  If you have ever driven a Mopar, you more than likely chose it for specific reasons.  What was you very first Mopar  and why did you choose it?  

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