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Buying a Vehicle In Today's Market

Are you looking to purchase a vehicle in today's market?  Are you afraid of the rising costs of vehicles as well as the "market adjustments" you keep seeing at all the dealerships? If...

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Current No-Haggle Lease Deals Exclusively from Mopar Mike

Hello All! Click the "See More Info" Button to open the spreadsheet for exclusive no-haggle lease deals from me, Mopar Mike!  If you see a deal you want, simply reach out to me via cell at 973-970-8156 or...

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When Other Auto Manufacturers Reduce Down, Stellantis Doubles Down!

While other automakers were just trying to survive the past year with so much uncertainty with the Covid-19 virus, it didn't stop the FCA (now Stellantis) from making power moves! ...

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FCA Unveils the 2021 Ram 1500 TRX!

FCA officially unveiled the much anticipated, hellcat-powered 6.2L Supercharged V8 Ram 1500 TRX on Monday, August 17th!  Fiat-Chrysler...

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The merger with Peugeot was officially announced in October 2019 and legally bound in December 2019.  This comes after a failed merger attempt with Renault earlier that year, where...

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Proper Child Seat Safety in the Winter

Tis' the season for the bitter cold, and with that comes the importance of child seat safety!  Most parents want their children to stay warm, so it would make sense to dress them in...

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