SRT Launch Control: Getting Technical In Technology in Rockaway, NJ

SRT Launch Control: Getting Technical In Technology

Mopar Mike's Blog | SRT Launch Control: Getting Technical In Technology

Car enthusiasts know that when you see the SRT logo, that the vehicle in which its emblem is affixed to means business. It isn't just a badge that when viewed by Camaro and Mustang owners, causes them to need to change their pants. Rather, it is a symbol that has actual meaning. SRT is an acronym for "street and racing technology."

This technology, is equipped in any Mopar vehicle that is branded with the SRT badging. (From the factory of course... we can't be responsible for those driving SE, SXT, GT, and R/T Mopars that wish they had the big kid toys). The technology isn't just a "fancy term," but rather actual customizable technology that if purchased independently, would cost in upwards of $10,000 dollars. Through Mopar's UConnect Radio, SRT equipped vehicles give their owners exclusive access to their vehicle's "Performance Pages." Within these pages, or performance options to be specific, the driver can customize their driving experience.

For the sake of today's blog article though, we will be focusing on the SRT Launch Control option. You can activate Launch Control by simply pressing the Launch Control button on the instrument panel switch bank, or by pressing the SRT button and then selecting "Race Options." The purpose of launch control is to give the driver the ability to set the RPM of the engine while staging. After setting the RPM on the Launch Control page, the driver will engage the launch control by pressing the accelerator pedal to the floor. The vehicle's engine will bring the RPMs to the set number, and once staged, the driver simply releases the clutch (manual transmission only) or releases the brake pedal (on automatic transmissions.) The RPMs the vehicle's Launch Control can be set to vary. If the vehicle is a manual transmission the RPM set range is 1,500-3,500 RPM or in automatic transmissions 2,000-4,500 RPMs.

To help protect the motor from being abused during initial break-in, (SRT / Hellcat owners that have read the proper break-in procedures for their vehicle will know what we are referring to here) Launch Control is not available until after the vehicle has been driven it's first 500 miles. There are many other Race Options available on SRT vehicles that can include Line Lock, Chiller, Shift Light, and Race Cooldown. Utilizing these features in conjunction with the Launch Mode can customize the driver's racing experience to give them the ultimate driving performance and experience.

To complete your driving experience, the Performance Pages even provides you with your own digital "Time Slip Ticket," These are able to be saved within the vehicle so that you can compare your various experiences. These tickets will provide the driver with their fastest 0-60 time, fastest 0-100 time, fastest time in the 1/8 and 1/4 mile, and highest speed (MPH) during 1/8 and 1/4 mile. Speed means nothing if you can't stop, so the digital ticket will also provide the driver their braking distance in feet and at what speed they began braking.

Remember... It's Mopar or No Car...

- Mopar Mike

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