Quick Car Buying Tips in Rockaway, NJ

Quick Car Buying Tips

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In today’s world, time is money! We are all so busy with our jobs, family, friends, and other commitments, our time is more valuable than ever. Most people think that buying a new vehicle in under an hour is impossible. Short of a carjacking, few people can accomplish getting a car in such a short time. Using these 5 helpful tips, you can maximize the time you have by knowing how to get the car you want and not spend the entire day on the car lot.

Understand Your Trade-In Value: If you are planning to trade in your current car, go ahead and look up the value you can expect at trade-in. You don’t want to be haggled down on its value, so spend a few extra minutes determining exactly what it's worth before you hit the lot. There are lots of websites out there that can estimate trade-in or wholesale value for your car. These are the numbers that are critical for you to negotiate a good deal.

Have A Car In Mind: Don’t get overwhelmed with all the choices the dealership has on the day you want to purchase a new vehicle. There are around 300 new models of vehicles available for sale in the U.S. If you want to get in and out in less than 60 minutes, you definitely need to know exactly what you want. Narrow those choices down by doing your research on the front end so that you can spend your hour discussing pricing and negotiating your best deal.

Know The Cost Of The Car You Want: Once you have decided on the perfect car for you, do a little research to find out exactly how much money you need to be prepared to spend. Make sure you research the exact make and model on all third-party websites and include all the bells and whistles you want.

Know What Vehicles Are On The Lot: Starting on your local dealers’ websites is a good place to ensure the car of your dreams is within reach. Dealers buy and trade automobiles specific to the trends in their area, so if your online hunt brings up several cars that are close to your specs on one lot, you should start your shopping there.

Have A Budget: This could be the most important step in getting in and out of the dealership within an hour. Unless you are planning to just write a check and drive off in your new car, it’s important to understand all the elements that go into your financing. Factors like your down payment, trade-in value, insurance, and monthly payment are all important to know before you start negotiations. It’s also great if you visit your personal bank or credit union beforehand to see if they can give you a better deal than the dealership.

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